General knowledge Mcqs | 2018 | Part 4 | Answer Are Highlighted


General knowledge Mcqs | 2018 | Part 4 |
Answer Are Highlighted

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Q 1: Who wrote Hisab at Jabr wal Muqablah?

A: Ibne Sina
B: Muhammad bin Musa Al Khwarzimi
C: Al Razi
D: Ali Beruni

Q 2: Kingdom of Khwarzim was destroyed in 1218-20 AD by:

A: Halaku Khan
B: Changaiz Khan
C: Temur Lung
D: Qublai Khan

Q 3: With his death ended the glory of Abbasids the dead caliph was:

A: Haroon ur Rashid
B: Mamonn
C: Al Wasiq Billah
D: Al Mutasim Billah

Q 4: The foundation of the city of Baghdad was laid in 762 during the reign of Abbasid       caliph:

A: Abu Muslim
B: Al Mansoor
C: Al Mahdi
D: Abdul Abbas

Q 5: Gaza is the famous city of:

A: Egypt
B: Palestine
C: Jordan
D: Iran

Q 6: The conqueror of Central Asia was:

A: Khalid bin Waleed
B: Qutayba bin Muslim
C: Muhammad bin Qasim
D: None of these

Q 7: Central Asia became the part of Muslim Empire during the reign of:

A: Yazid
B: Waleed l
C: Khalid bin Waleed
D: None of these

Q 8: Baytal Hikmat was a :

A: Translation bureu
B: Observatory
C: Medical university
D: None of these

Q 9: His reign was the most glorious and brilliant in the intellectual history of Islam. These remarks refer to:

A: Amin
B: Al Mamun
C: Horoon
D: Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Q 10: In 712 AD Sindh Multan and part of the Punjab were annexed to the Muslim empire by:

A: Waleed l
B: Muhammad bin Qasim
C: Hijjaj bin Yousaf
D: Uqba bin Nafah

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